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Sips N' Chips

Mt Dew Ice (1)
Cherry Pepsi (1)
Mist Twist - Lemon Lime Soda (1)
Cheetos (2)
Chili Cheese Fritos (2)
Chex Mix (2)
Doritos Nacho (2)
Doritos Cool Ranch (2)
Cheetos Jalapeno (2)
Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream (2)
Cheetos Flamin Hot (2)
Kar's Sriracha Peanuts (2)
Pretzel Pieces Hot Buffalo Wing (2)
White Cheddar Popcorn (2)
Lance Toaster Cheese Spicy Cheddar (1)
Double Barrel Spicy Meat & Cheese (1)


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